Birdwatching Tours in Borneo




Ba’Kelalan is located in Lawas District; it is a Lun Bawang tribe village located in the northeast highlands of Sarawak. Bird watchers and photographers from around the world come here to see the elusive bird called the Dulit Frogmouth (Batrachostomus harterti). Other species commonly seen here include Black and Crimson Oriole, Hose’s Broadbill, Bornean Bulbul, Bornean Barbet, Whitehead’s Spiderhunter, Mountain Serpent Eagle and some mammals such as Tufted Ground Squirrel and Bornean Black-Banded Squirrels. Learn more



The highlands of Payeh Maga (that means swampy highlands in the Lun Bawang language of Sarawak) has over 180 bird species including 27 endemic bird species including Bornean Banded Pitta Pitta schwaneri, Black Oriole, Norneon Green Magpie Cissa jefferyi and Bornean Bulbul Pycnonotus montis. Bigger birds such as hornbills and eagles are often spotted soaring in the areas as well. Learn more



A 4 days 3 night visit on a deeper heart of Sabah where the rainforest is still at its prime. Home to many birds and wildlife such as Hornbills, Orang Utan, Bornean Pygmy Elephant and more. This trip includes Wildlife Drive at night starting from Deramakot Lodge. Learn more


Mount Kinabalu Climb

Our routes at Mountain Torq are designed with beginner and intermediate climbers in mind. Beginners can take their first experience along the granite walls of Mount Kinabalu while intermediate climbers embark on 3 to 4 hour journeys to experience the challenge of mountaineering and the lesser seen side of the mountain.


Kinabatangan River Safari

Early morning cruise along Kinabatangan river in search of the illusive wildlife such as orangutan, foxes, hornbills, red giant flying squirrel, bats, wild bores, etc. particularly during fruit season from September – December.


Imbak Canyon

A 3 days 2 night visit on a deeper heart of Sabah where the rainforest is still at its prime. A trek up to the Imbak fall and look out for wildlife such a Orang Utan and Hornbills.

About Kudat

Kudat is the capital of the Kudat District in the Kudat Division of Sabah, Malaysia. Its population was estimated to be around 29,025 in 2010. It is located on the Kudat Peninsula, about 190 kilometres north of Kota Kinabalu, the state capital, and is near the northernmost point of Borneo.


Sabah is Malaysia
Holiday in nature:

Your Malaysia Holiday experience is not complete until you visit Sabah, which is the tourism gateway to fascinating Borneo Tours of world-class ecotourism destinations with mega biodiversity of tropical plants and animal species.

There are many exciting Sabah Tourism attractions; our Sabah Travel packages are ranging from climbing Mount Kinabalu, river cruising at Kinabatangan floodplain, viewing Sea Turtle at Selingan Island to diving or snorkelling at Sipadan Island.

Your Sabah Tours are incomplete without visiting some of the world-renowned nature and wildlife conservation centres and marine parks developed for research, education and protection to ensure the sustainability of Sabah Tourism industry.

Sabah Tours are truly your “Malaysia Holiday in nature at its best”.

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