DAY 01 – DAY 03/04

You need to catch the first flight to Lahad Datu from Kota Kinabalu. Our guide will meet you at the airport and take you to Danum Valley Office in Lahad Datu to register around 9.30am. Then, travel for 2½ hours on gravel road to reach Danum Valley. After registration, attend a briefing at the reception. After lunch and rest, proceed for late afternoon Guided Walk around the vicinity. Wildlife Drive at night will take place after dinner (weather permitted).

Your accommodation will be at INFAPRO for 3-4 nights. This is a simple research station has A/C rooms, ensuite bathrooms with hot water. Generator supplies electricity and the power is 24 hours a day. The schedule each day is (weather permitted): After an early morning drive (or walk), you will rest in the morning until after lunch and then proceed with late afternoon drive (or walk) along the roads going to the Danum Field Centre. Night drive takes place after dinner and will usually start after 9.00pm.

Danum Valley is known for its 400 square kilometers of pristine primary rainforest. You will be exploring 3-4 days the local nature trails with our guide where you may encounter some of the rare species such as Bornean Gibbon, Maroon Langur, Clouded Leopard and Pygmy Elephant. Danum Valley is also heaven for bird watchers with some 275 species have been recorded here. During the early morning drive (or walk) and late afternoon drive (or walk) be ready for the sounds of birds singing and mammals calling as well as the stunning views of the jungle during dawn and dusk times, and during the night drive you will discover that the jungle is vibrant with wildlife.

Danum Valley has been regarded as one of the best places in Borneo for photographing wildlife in their natural habitats. Since there is no hunting, some species such as Orangutans, Red Leaf Langurs, Hornbills, Gibbons, Deer, Owls and more, hang around close to the lodge. Snakes, lizards, insects and frogs are also commonly found around the lodge. There is a frog pond outside of the lodge that has a good number of species and is great for photography.

PLEASE NOTE: Photography can be challenging in Danum Valley. Even though you get up close during the day, the canopy is very tall (100-140 feet) and it can be quite dark on the forest floor. A tripod and lenses with a wide aperture or camera with high ISO are recommended. Macro workshops are great in Danum as well for evening time.


Before breakfast, spend the final morning searching for wildlife. Then, travel for 2½ hours on gravel road to Lahad Datu. Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and take a return flight to Kota Kinabalu or continue the overland transfer to your next destination.




. Refillable water bottle

. Torchlight (with extra batteries and spare bulbs)

. Personal toiletries (soap, toothpaste, etc.)

. Raincoat




. Personal first aid kit

. Leech socks

. Proper trekking shoes

. Socks, caps, long pants, long sleeve shirts

. Insect repellent